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What you should know if you are going to play soccer

If you want to become a better footballer, you have to learn how to be good with your feet. If you can master the art of dribbling the ball and using your feet to bring the ball quickly onto the pitch, you will be successful in soccer. The tips in the following article will help you better understand how to improve your footwork while playing soccer.

Communication is very important on the football field. Using short words or phrases like “spin” will help you and your teammates play more cohesively. In particular, associating a word with the pace of the game can really help you “play smarter” and ultimately win the game.

Don’t be the soccer mom who makes all the other parents cringe and all your kid’s teammates make fun of him at school. Support the referee’s decision and do not shout instructions from the sideline or run onto the court to consult the referee or instruct a child.

If you are trying to get away from a defender, switch the ball from one side to the other. Kick the ball with the inside of your foot and try to pick up speed to get away from the defender. If the defender catches up with you, cover the ball with your body.

To reach your peak on the pitch, you need to stay properly hydrated. Start increasing your fluid intake 24 hours before playing. You can’t drink enough water during a match to replenish all the fluids you lose while playing, so you have to start.

As mentioned in the previous article, being good at football requires good footwork. Anyone can become good at soccer if they practice controlling their feet with the soccer ball. If you can maneuver your feet efficiently and run fast while kicking the ball, you will be a very good player with excellent footwork.